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Bonuses for gambling

Ol you arrived in Finland a comprehensive bonus site, which looks just gambling bonuses. We have put together offers for all the most popular games: Whether you enjoy betting, casino games or bingo. New online casinos are constantly being added to our listings as well as the bonuses they offer, so you are always up to date with the latest offers.

There are thousands and thousands of online casinos, but not all of them share decent bonuses. is dedicated exclusively to those places that have invested in offers for new players with the right contract. On this page you will find great bonuses, free spins, no deposit bonuses, free bets, bingo bonuses and everything else between earth and sky.

However, there is also much more to bonuses than just the amount to be distributed. Almost without exception, bonuses must be recycled before withdrawal, they have game restrictions or other terms and conditions. So we go through the bonus comprehensively before it gets into the promotional cavalcade on our site and make sure that only high quality gambling bonuses come up. If, for example, the casino bonuses only have a € 100 profit ceiling, doesn’t the fact that the bonus money is distributed for a thousand euros mean nothing at all – so do you understand the Point we’re bringing out?

So the only reason you can find a casino on this list is the bonus it offers. We do not give weather points for a registration-free gaming experience or 24/7 customer service – if the offer is not in order, the gates will close automatically. Sure, you have to find a reliable site in the background, but the visual look of the page, for example, makes little difference. 

That is, dear bonus hawks: if you are hunting for the best bonus possible and are ready to adventure from one casino to another in search of the best deals, keep reading! Namely, we’ve listed heaps of tasty bonus mice just waiting for their taker.

All gambling games can be found online today

Over the last ten years, almost all gambling has moved into the wonderful world of the internet – and it is precisely this revolution that also allows for various bonuses (but we will return to these a little later). In the past, gambling was enjoyed mainly in bingo halls, stone-foot casinos and backyard cockfights, but now all games can be found directly on the phone or computer screen. As a result, there are also far more options than before.

For example, stone foot casinos have a limited number of seats at the tables, while online you can play every thousand other players at the same time. Also in slot games, you never end up queuing up behind an annoying mummy that puts a coin behind a coin in a slot machine. In addition, gaming is much easier to regulate and restrict on the internet side, making it safer and more reliable.

We don’t really know how to name any gambling that you couldn’t enjoy online, but dozens that are featured purely virtually. Let’s take an example again. At the box office of the local R-kiosk, you can participate in the Finnish lottery on Saturday – but at the same time you can also chase pots online from, for example, the big lotteries in America, where the main prizes go up to several hundred million.

When we talk about gambling, we are referring to all those games where it is possible to win cash-strapped cash. Gambling has existed since the early twilight of history, but now it only focuses primarily on the Internet, as do other industries. Many of us order clothes directly from the online store at our front door or weekly dishes carried to the kitchen – and slots are also more fun to play directly from our home couch.

Well over half of the casino players roll on the mobile device and the gaming pages work flawlessly on the mobile as well. So you can play slot games on a boring business trip or place bets a few minutes before the match starts. Thanks to modern technology, even live casinos work like a dream even on a slightly smaller screen, so you can play literally wherever you go.

In which gambling bonuses are bonuses distributed?

Now we get to the point, which is bonuses for gambling. Gaming companies are relatively innovative players and thus there are dozens and dozens of different bonuses – and they are tailored to suit different games. Every new year always brings fresh inventions when we come and we believe we have just scratched the surface in the field of bonuses.

Currently, most online casinos focus heavily on casino games such as slots and jackpot games, which is why they also receive the most bonuses. Betting has also maintained its popularity and almost invariably new players receive either deposit bonuses or free bets.

However, many gaming sites have also included lottery, bingo and scratch cards in their selection, around which various offers have been tailored. Unfortunately, those deals are even a little rarer, but luckily our knowledgeable team knows where to look.

The popularity of online poker exploded in the early 2010s and is still played very hard in Finland. In addition to casino bonuses and wagering bonuses, poker is quite a goldmine in terms of bonuses, as there are various offers to some extent.

Next, we’ll take a little closer look at all the different gambling bonuses to get a more accurate idea of ​​the current offers. 

Bonuses at online casinos 

Online casinos in particular often offer good bonuses to their new customers all over the internet. There are actually several varieties of these benefits, as bonuses for gambling in a virtual environment offer opportunities for highly imaginative player rewards. One could say with some certainty that online casinos usually pay their customers the greatest and most diverse benefits of all. 

Many may have received big bonuses for gambling, because despite the direct physical ban on advertising, many international sites also advertise their products globally in the minds of Finns. If you are a little familiar with online casinos, you may have noticed that they also offer bonuses targeted directly at Finnish-speaking customers.  

The most common bonuses in gambling are definitely deposit bonuses and free spins, which are distributed by almost four out of five online casinos. These are offers in which, by investing their own money in their gaming account, the player receives a reciprocal incentive, i.e. more play money at the house spike. Usually the bonus is expressed as a percentage, i.e. for example a 100% bonus would mean that the house pays the game account as much as the player himself. In this case, for example, with a deposit of 50 euros, the casino puts on another 50 euros and the player can start playing with a 100 euro pot.  

Free spins, on the other hand, are completely different bonuses, as they are more like free spins on a pre-defined game or games. Sometimes a player can even get free spins without a deposit, meaning the user has the opportunity to play and win casino games without their own bet. In this case, the number of spins is considerably smaller than usual, unlike depositing, allowing you to get up to several hundred free spins at your disposal. 

Other major games of chance at online casinos include cashback bonuses and risk-free deposits. Refunds or refunds pay the player back in cash for some of the games and can be achieved in two ways. The refund is in principle paid for either the losses incurred or the investment. Up to 30% of their losses can be recovered, which of course reduces the player’s risk and greatly improves the return percentage. Another option is to get a continuous cash refund based on the stake, which is paid at about 1% per round or round. The great thing about this way is that it is always paid regardless of whether you win or lose.  

Betting: bonuses for bettors and women 

One could almost say that betting is a kind of national fun for Finns, which of course is due to the decades-long tradition of combining sports and betting. Even after the wars, regular betting was developed, gathering people in kiosks to fill in coupon coupons every Saturday. So it’s no wonder that betting is still so popular, and with it, gambling bonuses are also growing in popularity. Even if sports series are on the ice for one reason or another, there are always betting places – even in the weather.  

For many, betting means looking for a little extra excitement, such as playing for your own team, or purely the excitement of any sporting event that is shown live on television, for example, or in which the player himself participates – at least hopefully – in a spectator role.  

Betting bonuses have also evolved very differently over time, as game targets and selections have also evolved significantly over the last 20 years from just 1 × 2 bets. It is, of course, natural that the offers and rewards offered to players have also become a new wing of the general development of faith.  

The most common betting bonuses of all are still the same deposit bonuses that online casinos still use a lot. The mechanisms and ideology are exactly the same, because in the case of a player’s deposit, the betting company pays a percentage of its own consideration in addition to the bet made by the customer. For example, if the bonus is again 100%, the player will receive a euro from the gaming site for every euro they deposit. For example, with a deposit of 100 euros, the player receives a bonus of 100 euros and the game can start at the cash register of 200 euros. Unlike a casino, this bonus is only available for betting on products and conditions defined by the venue. For example, certain items may not be playable with bonus money and so on.  

Free bets were sometimes a big craze on the betting side, so players were given free play money to make betting coupons. These were pretty good bonuses because the player didn’t have to make their own deposit and the winnings (winning bets) on the coupon were allowed to be retained and possibly only used to moderately improve the bonuses. You don’t see these offers so often anymore, but of course you can find a few on our website, for example.  

Bingo also offers bonuses! 

You may not have known this, but bingo can be played these days other than on local Marttas nights or on a Swedish ship! In fact, online bingo has been quite popular for years, as several classic players, both domestic and foreign, have adopted this classic game on the global network in digital form.  

Bingo is one of the most popular and at the same time the oldest games of chance. This entertainment product, originally developed in Italy, came from the game almost as it is today, although the significant difference was that it was played with coffee beans. This is also derived from the name bingo, which was originally beano in Italian but later landed in America, so the form of the name was left in the mouths of the Yankees as bingo.  

Although the game was invented in the Renaissance in Italy in the 16th century, the game did not end in Finland until the 1960s. After that, however, it exploded, especially in the form of fundraising for non-profit organizations, and associations registered in Finland are still allowed to organize bingo without a separate lottery permit. For many of us, ham bingo from different clubs is a classic, but today you can win up to hundreds of thousands of euros with modern bingo online. 

As the online bingo phenomenon grew, of course, bingo bonuses also came into play. In the past, you may have received one coupon for a mark and ten for a Saturday bowling at the Juankoski Youth Center 12, but today the offers are much better. It is definitely worth going to play online bingo, as the prizes are primarily several thousand euros even with coupon payments of only 0.20 euros. So you can win a huge amount of cash by playing your own favorite game with very small stakes.  

The biggest reason for playing online bingo is of course the bonuses that are also shared in bingo with other games of chance. By choosing the best online bingo, you can get yourself free coupons for up to tens of euros or even free play money to buy coupons. In this case, you can choose which games and with what amounts you want to participate. So you improve your chances of winning directly with a contract by taking advantage of all the best bingo bonuses. 

Lotto bonuses  

If anything, Finns are lotteries. It is said that it is in itself a lottery win from birth in Finland, but still many of us may already have a big dream in breast milk to be one winner of the lottery. Reputation and honor, my mother-in-law and perhaps the premature reduction or cessation of work are things that drive Finns to lottery kiosks from week to week, year after year.  

A few years ago, the biggest revolution in the Finnish lottery world was experienced since the 1990s and after the launch of the Viking Lottery, when a new common European product was announced. Called the Eurojackpot, it quickly became a challenger to the traditional Saturday lottery, while the biggest win in the domestic lottery is around € 10 million, one player can clear an incredible € 90 million with a clean hand at the Eurojackpot.  

Playing the lottery is so deep in the Finnish backbone that it is not even taken by a sauna, liquor or ax. For many, large astronomical readings, such as EUR 90 000 000 000, are already so much that the sense of proportionality is lost. However, there are even bigger lotteries in the world, such as the famous Powerball in the United States and El Gordo in Spain, which at their best distribute up to a billion euros. Did you know that now you can also play these lotteries right on your home couch and even take advantage of lottery bonuses? 

This is no joke, as over the last couple of years, lottery gaming has become more and more online and more international than ever. Thanks to globalization and new innovations, you too can take part in a lottery every Christmas, for example, the Spanish Christmas Lottery, which also has the common name El Gordo, thick.   

At the same time, you can also take advantage of free lottery coupons or, in some cases, lottery bonuses depending on the venue. By opening a game account and making your first deposit, you can even pick up raffle coupons without a deposit or large sums as a bonus in addition to your own coupons. For example, you can get tickets for two for the price of one, or even direct cash bonuses to your game account, allowing you to choose where the lottery is. In any case, you know for yourself that your local grocery store will not sell foreign megalots or give you a free lottery. Therefore, it is worth calculating 1 + 1 at this stage and drawing the necessary conclusions. 

Poker bonuses and freerolls 

Poker is still one of the most popular and oldest online gambling games, and despite the low traffic, the sport is alive and well today. While we’re no longer quite intoxicated like the first decade of the 21st century, the Internet is still full of tough deals for poker lovers.  

Online poker was, in fact, one of the first major pioneers to open up all online games to other gambling games as well. At one point, online gaming was so popular that even Sub TV showed World Series of Poker tournaments live on national television live on Fridays.  

This classic card game, which is actually played in a few different formats, also created a whole new kind of customer reward on which many of the online gambling bonuses are actually based. Texas Hold’em and Omaha became major forms of the global phenomenon, and a well-functioning freeroll and rakeback system managed to nurture the hype and attract new players. Of course, these bonuses have evolved further over time, but for the most part they still work the same way.  

The freeroll is virtually a free ticket to a tournament where you have the chance to win cash without placing your own penny in the league. So you get to the tournament at the top of the casino, but you have to keep the winnings for yourself if you manage to get the money. There are also freeroll tournaments where the winners or best players get tickets to bigger top tournaments or at least their qualifiers. So at its best, with a little luck and a good strategy, you can win up to a million dollars without a deposit.  

Poker bonuses, on the other hand, are called rakeback. The game organizer grabs a small slice of each hand as a thank you for organizing the games, called a rake. From these payments, you get yourself a fairly large slice or rakeback that can cost up to $ 5,000 at best. So that means you get to play poker for free with no side costs for a long time! 

Of course, you will always find the best poker and other gambling bonuses from us, so you should always keep an eye on our site to see if you are interested in gambling and bonuses. 

Live Casino Bonus 

A new or at least the latest craze in gambling has been the landing of a live casino as a big multiplayer favorite. The phenomenon has already managed to grow so large that streaming game tables have become a completely separate category. This has also meant new offers to the delight of many players as live casino bonuses have become more common.  

So why are live casinos of interest to so many players? The reasons are, of course, very complex, because there is something about this game product that manages to attract many different aspects of us and each one in a slightly different way. One major reason is definitely the atmosphere, as it’s hard to manage to do the same without doing Kovanen underneath and hitting the better before marching to the right cobblestone casino.  

It feels completely different when the game is led by the right person to chat with as you play. In addition, with many companies producing table games, casino games are all filmed under the same roof, creating a familiar atmosphere of noise and sound in the background. Games are always run with the right physical game equipment, so the rumble of a roulette ball on a roll, the flutter of cards on a table, or the rattle of dice against a trough are completely authentic. These gaming devices also behave completely realistically according to the laws of physics, so you can be sure that the computer center, etc. will not catch you.  

Of course, there is another very big reason and factor that has allowed a live casino to stand out significantly from other games and especially develop something completely new. No, they are not live casino bonuses, but something completely different, namely social gaming. You can always chat with other players as well as great traffickers as you play and even analyze or find out the progress of the game. This, if any, is one of the biggest power cards when you play at a live casino.  

Of course, you will also find the best live casino bonuses only from reputable online casinos and gaming sites. By choosing through our own venue, you always ensure peace of mind and the best possible live casino bonuses, as our strong network offers us better offers than usual for our readers. 

Why take advantage of gambling bonuses? 

It’s not the first time someone out there on the other side of the screen is seriously wondering if the bonuses are even worth redeeming or if they’re full potash. This is, of course, a great sign of healthy skepticism and peasant order, but by learning things right, you can better shape your opinions and you may notice a few significant points.  

After all, we can say that not all bonuses are bad and on the other hand not all bonuses are cheap for the player. In the following, we will try to open the main features of the bonuses in the eyes of the players in a little more detail. Hopefully, with these tips, you will better understand why and what bonuses you should take advantage of.  

First of all, you should always start by choosing a reliable, safe and preferably tax free online casino to play. That is why we recommend that you always choose a European online casino, as at the same time you will always enjoy all the winnings with clean hands, fair and safe games and a high level of consumer protection in the EU and EEA countries.  

After that, you should go to the promotional page of the online casino of your choice and learn more about the bonus terms. Every legitimate online casino needs to display the exact terms and conditions both on their own website and on their individual offers prominently on their pages, so if you don’t find this information, for example, it’s probably already a scam. But the single most important factor that affects the profitability of the bonus is definitely the recycling requirements. If this so-called. The wagering requirement is more than 40 times the bonus, we recommend skipping the bonuses.  

On the right terms, bonuses increase the value of your expectation and at the same time your theoretical payback percentage to positive gambling, so they give you the best chance to play victoriously against a house that always has a mathematical advantage against you. This is true for any game, be it bingo, betting, casino games or live casino, as a good bonus will give you a thick lever.  

Another important reason why you should grab bonuses is the risk-free chance or lower risk chance of winning real money at the casino. For example, disappear from our site for free spins and free play money without deposit offers, and at best you can get gambling for online casinos worth up to hundreds of euros without your own deposit. When you don’t transfer your own money to the casino, you just have to win thanks to the bonuses.  

TOP 5 tips for finding bonuses

If we haven’t made it perfectly clear yet: there are hundreds and hundreds of bonuses. But where to look for them? And how do you identify good deals on spring wrapped p * chess? Don’t panic, has put together comprehensive tips to help you find the best gambling bonuses.

What kind of bonus were your reserves enough for?

First, you need to consider what kind of bonus is right for your bank account. For highrollers, 100% bonuses, up to € 3,000, work well, but if you play with a small bankroll, a large amount that doesn’t sound good will benefit you a little. In this case, you may want to favor offers with a high percentage, such as 200% bonuses up to € 100, for which you get a lot of value for money. NEVER make deposits for which you cannot afford a large bonus.

What are the bonus redemption requirements?

No matter how attractive the bonus looks on the outside, it’s only as good as its recycling requirements. If the bonus money is to be recycled more than 70 times, the chances of getting the money are relatively slim. So always make sure the casino has made fair claims!

Where are the gambling bonuses valid?

Check that the bonus you have redeemed can be played in the gambling game of your choice. Many sites distribute their own bonuses separately to the casino, betting, poker or even live casino. In these bonuses, wagering requirements can only be met in the games for them, and you can usually only select the offer you want once. So be careful!

Always check the terms of the offer

In addition to the wagering requirements, there are other conditions in bonus offers that players must meet. Generally, you can only play with a € 5 stake in bonus money, and some starting points do not count at all. However, the biggest curse word to look out for is the “profit ceiling,” which sets the maximum amount you can grab with bonuses. If the casino has such a ceiling, turn it off.

Take advantage of free offers

If an online casino offers the option of completely free offers such as free spins without a deposit, free play money or free bets, you should definitely take advantage of them. In this case, you don’t have to sacrifice a penny of your own money, and you can use the site for free.

How do we select bonuses for listing? is constantly updating the list with new offers, and our modest goal is to present all the best gambling bonuses. So by no means do we list all future offers, but we focus not only on quantity but also on quality.

Few of us can say that bonus packages worth thousands of euros are not of interest, and in the case of bonuses, size matters. We are looking for both a high percentage and a large cap that together make up the offer. For example, if you receive a 100% bonus up to € 500, you will receive the same amount as you deposit from the casino, meaning a deposit of € 500 will increase your account balance to as much as € 1,000. However, if you receive a 25% bonus up to € 500, you must first deposit € 2,000 before the maximum prize can be awarded. So we are looking for balanced bonus offers that are suitable for as many different players as possible.

Not only must the bonus be large, it must also be fair. Bonuses lose all benefits if they involve excessive recycling requirements or are limited, for example, by profit margins. While the general saying is “the casino always wins”, players should still be given a reasonable chance of winning at the gaming site.

In addition to deposit bonuses, we also value all the chips placed on the page. Free spins, free play money, cash back, increased odds, special tournaments and much more bring extra momentum, and that’s why we appreciate more promotions that share them. Versatility is always an advantage, and we want to make sure no reader is left without a suitable bonus.

Why are bonuses given to gambling? 

From what wonder are bonuses invented and why are they sometimes distributed in large quantities? This is also a very good question because many times in the gambling world there seem to be too good offers to be true. Old wisdom says that if someone sounds too good to be true, then it usually is. This really doesn’t apply entirely to online casinos, of which we give a few very vivid and sensible examples below.  

First, all bonuses are casino expenses. There are no so-called free bonuses, although basically play money is always artificially generated in the casino’s own system. However, there is always a cost to the casino as well, as bonuses must always have at least a theoretical chance of the player winning, in which case this play money must of course be taken and paid to the player. In this case, of course, the money has to be taken from the casino’s own pocket, i.e. costs are incurred whenever someone manages to figure out the recycling requirements.  

Another significant cost is gaming manufacturers, who always take their own percentage of slot machines – and don’t specify whether it’s “real money” or bonus money. The bill always comes after the casino. So these two reasons make it clear, first of all, that bonuses are always a real and concrete amount of money for the venue itself, which makes them true for players as well.  

Well, if bonuses mostly generate only expenses, then why are they distributed? The competition between online casinos is very, very fierce and bloody, so the battle for players and players ’time is naturally really tough. Because of this, promotions have also gone up in recent years and at best, a player can get up to hundreds of thousands of euros in bonus money as well as over a million free spins at online casinos.  

Therefore, it is an important marketing and customer acquisition tool designed to arouse the interest of potential customers. If you yourself face 100 casinos, 98 of which offer 50 free spins, one offers nothing and the other gives € 100 bonuses + 100 free spins, which one would you choose from all of these? Bonuses are thus a way to differentiate from other sites, which also have a direct temptation for the player himself.

Reliable and secure offers

Security is very important in any activity that deals with real money – and this, of course, also applies to gambling and related bonuses. We want to calm your mind immediately and let you know that the casino industry is highly regulated and limited and the gaming authorities closely monitor the operation of the sites.

All casinos must apply for a gaming license before opening such a license and issuing it is an expensive and lengthy process. When the site finally opens, its activity is monitored very closely, and in case of problems, you can always contact the gaming authorities directly. 

There are many licenses, but the best are definitely in Malta, Estonia, Sweden and the UK. There are also many really high quality casinos in Curacao, but we still recommend trying these sites for a slightly smaller deposit as there are also some questionable options on offer.

So if you want to put your worries in the cloakroom, play at EU casinos and you can safely make deposits and enjoy cash bonuses. The casino license is easy to identify as it can always be found at the bottom of the page. We never show unlicensed casinos, so you can enjoy all the gambling bonuses you find here.

Just the latest news: gambling bonuses 2021

Of course, new online casinos also always bring new offers, which is why the radar is always on to get fresh seats. Thanks to the development of technology, the offers have also changed briskly over the years and various bonuses have been developed terribly.

For example, a few years ago, cashback bonuses were a completely unprecedented thing, but now every new site distributes money back to its players – and some even completely without recycling. So you’re constantly collecting cash for yourself, regardless of whether your rounds have won or lost.

One of the new trends has also been unregistered online casinos, which rode for the first couple of years with the mere absence of account forms and quick withdrawals. No bonuses are available, but fortunately, as competition intensifies, welcome offers have also been introduced. Therefore, the best instant casinos are also listed (but only those with bonuses).

The only downside to welcome bonuses is that they can only be redeemed once. That’s why the new online casinos are so tasty because they bring in fresh offers from the truck. Today, few players commit to the rest of their lives on a single gaming site – and by no means do they need it! You have the power to choose between different offers and claim good enough bonuses for gambling.

In addition, the new casinos will bring more games, better mobile casinos, gaming features and a VIP program. So if you’re constantly looking for more gameplay, you’ve come to just the right place.

Don’t break the rules – this way you avoid the most common bonus mistakes

There is always occasional hidden feedback on the Internet where players report closed game accounts, frozen funds or other ambiguities. Of course, the industry may also like rotten apples, but most of the problem situations would be avoided by players just reading the terms of the casinos. Online casinos operate under gaming licenses and laws and must operate within certain limits – so the goal is by no means to make players ’lives difficult.

First, underage players are almost always caught. So if you try to play as a minor and win big, the last document confirmation will trick you and the casino has the right to freeze all your funds and only refund the deposit made. Therefore, we recommend that you wait until adulthood, as children under the age of 18 are not allowed to play in online casinos located in Finland or abroad.

Another common rule violation is the creation of multiple game accounts. So, for example, if you create accounts under different names to take advantage of bonus offers, you have broken the casino rules. Once again, the site has a duty to know who is playing there and the so-called. Fake accounts always bring the image of the shoe back.

Different countries have different rules on gambling. Of course, Finnish players are allowed to play legally in all EU casinos, but this only applies to customers living in Finland. Even if you are a Finnish citizen, but you live in a country where gambling is prohibited, you may not be able to create a gaming account for an online casino. We do not in any way recommend circumventing land restrictions because you always stick to them.

All online casinos always have their own rules for redeeming and redeeming bonuses. You must make a minimum deposit and play the bonus within certain time limits. Bonus money should also be wagered through the online casino, and there are often restrictions on maximum bets and accepted games. So read the rules carefully before playing, because if it’s clearly stated at the casino, you can’t complain about it later – or you can, but it won’t help you at all.